Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition brings to you an edited version of the main title, designed for players without the time, patience or attention span for the full game. What a brilliant idea!

You can download it for free in this link:

With this version, all you need to do is TAP! Tap to move, Tap to talk, and Tap to fight. Easy for anyone to pick up and begin a journey to the majestic World of final fantasy!

Here are some awesome features of this game:

1. Easy to process the storyline

The biggest issue JRPG games like Final fantasy game on mobile is: Player hard to get enough time and patient for reaching to the depth of story or seek the way out of huge dungeon’ mazes.

But until now, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition turns the massive, partially open-world epic into a much more linear affair.

Instead of wandering the world between quests without direction, chibi-fied versions of Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis are always guided to move on from one important plot point to the next!

Yes. That’s right. You always know what to do and where to go next!

No more stucking ’round and ’round? Cool!

2. Smooth and sastified combat system

Combat is also different, and some may even consider it an improvement compare to its original.

You’re only controlling Noctis – the main character, while the AI handles the rest.

You target an enemy and attacking automatically. If you can block or parry an attack, an action button appears and you’ll have to press it at the right time. Noctis may equip a few different types of weapons at once, and you just select the one you want to use.

Noctis ‘s signature Warp Strike is a great way to get around tricky situations, and can surprise and break enemy defenses.

3. Stunning and Noltagic Graphic

4. Beautiful Ingame Soundtrack

Sum it up: If you are a fan of legendary series Final Fantasy or even not, it’s always worth checking out the this game on android mobile platform.

It’s free, fun and really addictive to play!

Speed score: 9/10

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