Dan the Man: Action Platformer

Dan the Man: Action Platformer

With more than 10 MILLION installs and growing each day, it’s easy to see why Dan the Man has been awarded as one of the best games across the major mobile platforms!

You download it for free in this link:

This legendary game dials back to gaming’s retro roots to bring you an action platformer brawler that you’d swear you’ve played in the old arcade! So download now and take control of the legendary (and often inappropriate hero) … Dan the Man.

Are you READY for this?

1. Choose your challenge through 3 different modes and characters

Dan the Man offers up a mere 12 levels in its story mode. But these dozen levels are big, filled with interesting secrets to uncover, and are well-designed.

In the process of completing story mode, you’ll also unlock two additional modes of play: A battle mode and a daily challenge mode. And they do a really good job of extending the game beyond the story mode with two more playable characters.

A battle mode offers up a series of arena fights against a variety of foes, while the daily challenge mode has you running a different set of challenges each day in order to win some nice rewards.

2. Ton of Weapon and Ability to Upgrade help you smack your way out!

The shops scattered in the stages, the hidden items found by jumping, and good chunk of coin exploxe out from the enemies you defeated keep your ability and weapon always have a good timing to upgrade, ready engaging new levels and chanllenges.

3. Awesome Fighting System and Crazy Boss Battle

Sastified combo and epic showdow with memorable boss fight are the most enjoyable features this game give to the player.

4. Retro style controls in the palm of your hands!

Clean and clear classic graphic style for brawling easier with gamepad-support function!

Sum it up: With a cracking funny story, awesome upgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenal of weapons that will make even the most heroic of heroes envious, Dan The Man’s arcade fight fest has enough enemies and boss fights to satisfy every hardcore gamer.

Speed score: 8.5/10

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