Discover Amazing Jungle Adventure

Discover Amazing Jungle Adventure


Victo’s World – Jungle adventure – Super world

Super Mario Run Game has been too familiar with fans of Mario game, however, you need a newer similar game than it. In Google Play, there are so many different gaming lines and it’s very easy to find a similar version like Mario game. But you wonder if the game is good or not. Therefore, a good choice for you is Victo’s World – Jungle adventure – Super world.

Here, a video will help you understand how to play basically of Victo’s World – Jungle adventure – Super world:



Like other Mario games, come to Victo’s World – Jungle adventure – Super world game, you will join in a journey of Victo – a strayed kid in heat jungle. In this journey, you need help Victo pass so much threats to run to target world. On dangerous roads, you can use weapon to kill monster but weapon is hidden in somewhere. Finding it by the fastest way to bring Victo to escape out this scary jungle


This game is designed smoothly with simple operations for players. You just need to follow and tap the buttons on the play screen. You can move left or right, jump up & down easily. Especially, you can hold the jump button to jump higher.

Be careful! There are lots of tricky monsters: snails, spiders, scorpion, carnivorous flower and so many other enemies… so you must attack & destroy them. Besides, to be faster and stronger, you should use mushroom & transform to be a super Victo. Weapons will be hidden in flowers or somewhere so you need find them to kill monster more quickly. Try to collect all coins in the road that you see to get much more money.


The graphics are beautiful with more than 100 colorful levels. Map is carefully designed to make your adventure more enjoyable and addictive. You will feel like you are experiencing a real adventure in the outlife. There are 4 amazing super worlds unlocked free when play to end of each super world, discover green island, jungle, desert & deep sea. Sound effects in game are lively and novel. You can relax & enjoy all perfect features with Victo’s World game.


You will experience completely free with Victo’s adventure. You don’t need to buy anything during enjoying the game, but if you want to skip levels, play with another character, or equip power to run faster, jump higher, and more…, pay for buying more coins can help you. Try it!

Moreover, Victo’s World game has also special feature. You can login in your Facebook account & invite your friends to play and challenge jungle adventure together. It’s very fun!

Download now & play Victo’s Adventure – adventure game and come back to your childhood.

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