Ready For A Fierce Tank Battle

Ready For A Fierce Tank Battle

Tank 1990 – Classic

When saying about tanks, you think that they will only appear during the devastating wars. However, in the modern life, the human is so smart to put tanks into mobile games. A ticket to come back your childhood and awake your memories of the arcade game tank battle by a new version of tank classic was launched – it’s Tank 1990 – Classic.



Tank 1990 – Classic still remains the same fighting styles as the old 90 tank version. But it has some new enhancements, offer players some more exciting and challenging experiences.

A fight to protect your citadel and your main task is destroy enemy tanks battle as fast as possible.


Before playing, you should know clearly how to play. In play menu, you have some selections to play such as single or multi player, construction and more information about this game.

On the bottom left of the play screen, you press the button & move your tank up, down, left or right. To shoot & destroy enemy tanks battle, you use the button on the bottom right of the play screen.

You will feel familiar to these power-ups such as boats, retro tank, shovels, clocks, and so on… Eat these items to power up!


There are more 200+ levels such as Tank battle, Tank War, Tank attack, Tank rider… with stages from easy to difficult. In each stage, you have two plays mean that when you are unfortunately shot by enemy tanks, you will be able to live again. Be careful! Take your living opportunities reasonably!

The interface is designed user-friendly with classical tank battle game’s style. The graphic and sound effect is nice & lively. You can control your tank smoothly.

Don’t forget playing Tank 1990 – Classic with your friends!

Enjoy Tank 1990 – Classic & Immerse in a retro tank!

Hope you love this reviewing post!


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