Hill Races & Challenging The Highest Mountain’s Top

Hill Races & Challenging The Highest Mountain’s Top

Mountain racing crazy – Downhill racing

There are many different gaming lines for all, you can see such as: simulation games, adventure games, action games,… & can’t help but mention the game series of sport. Today, it’s honor to give you a new sport game – Mountain racing crazy – Downhill racing – surely that it’ll make you feel addictive and fun when playing.


As soon as you start playing, you will be owned a collection of the most modern racing cars of the world.  In the vehicles menu, there are many good selections for you, Beach Buggy, The Joe, Sporty John, Monster Chuck, Peter Crane… even the infamous autobot: Optimus Primo will let you drive on him when you have enough coins.

Face-to-face with 6 challenging stages of different climbing environments: Mountain, Canyon, Snow, Park, City and Desert. It’s designed from easy to difficult, keeping you always challenged and feel fresh when rock climbing in this racing car game. Wanna car driving to the mountain top? Unlock cars and choose the best one for your racing car style and start your journey to conquer the highest & longest mountain.




Mountain Racing Crazy is an entertaining driving and addictive physics based racing game. The goal of this physics based racing game is racing as far as you can with your cars, by climbing the rock mountain and dangerous hill, defied gravity and the law of physic, reaching the top in process. To do that, you need to control your speed when driving very carefully and mind the cars‘s fuel. It’s may seem easy to play at first, but very hard to master climbing those tricky mountain and hill.

There are two buttons to help you control your racing car: move forward and backward. You will gain more bonuses from crazy tricks like jumping car, collect coins for upgrading car and reach even new heights of mountains climbing. But watching out though gravity and crazy physics is not your allies! And your good old gasoline for your vehicles will easily run out of fuel.


This game is a challenge for any speed freak, off road climbers, rock crawling and auto enthusiast, and even asphalt drag racer. The graphics are designed with great 2d physics & smooth and realistic visuals.

Mountain Racing Crazy is free to play but there are optional in-app purchases available to help you upgrade more quickly and improve the engine, suspension, tires & 4WD of your vehicles.

Fast your seatbelt, speed up and win those furious races!

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